Who we are ?
Multi-disciplinary Digital Transformation for your business

NT Global is an international management and technology consulting company and a pioneer in the field of digital transformation. At NTG, our unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities and thrust towards innovation have helped us cater across an assortment of business functions and industries including E-Governance, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, SMEs, Public Sector Organizations, Agriculture, Transportation, Communication, Manufacturing, Law Enforcement and Satellite Internet. We have an impressive record of consistently delivering data management, enterprise applications, cloud computing, automation, biometrics, mobility, financial technology, credit analysis and credit rating, quality assurance, data security, national financial ID and asset management services.

Our matchless expertise also extends to Embedded Systems, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Business Process Management, Fraud Prevention, Anti Money-Laundering and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Our values


Our Motto

Engineering Innovation for a Smarter Tomorrow


Our Vision

Our ambition is to be a tour de force in the field of digital transformation and craft a brighter future by revolutionizing business and governance.


Our Mission

To empower digital transformation through innovative, avant-garde products and solutions